Meridian Idaho Concrete Contractors

Meridian concrete contractors with the expertise to get the job done right. The best place to fulfill your concrete needs is A-1 Quality Concrete. Not only can they pave your driveway or add a sidewalk to the front of your home, they can do so in a way that adds beauty to your home – rather than just dull and grey! New techniques and technology in the world of concrete have added the ability to include stamped and colored concrete, as well as staining and forms.

A-1 Quality Concrete can complete numerous projects, including adding a front or back deck, a pool surround, or even a patio for your new outdoor kitchen. A properly done patio can continue your living space from inside to outside, and make for the perfect perch for a few lawn chairs and your patio set. Barbecuing can be a social event, rather than just one person escaping outside to flip over the steaks. Stamped concrete can give your patio character, making it look like flagstone, brick or slate. Additional color can also be added, to match the exterior of your home or even your patio set.

Not only can we create a beautiful deck for your Meridian, Idaho, home, we can also add a concrete counter top, bar and/or sink to make barbecuing all the easier. These counter tops are superb for outdoor use, as they wear well and are extremely versatile. The dimensions of the counter top can fit your BBQ, and we can add storage, giving you a place to keep your tongs, condiments and other BBQ necessities.

Pool surrounds for your home are also available in concrete. Although having a concrete pool surround is a necessity in most cases, that does not mean the surround has to be utilitarian. With different stamps and staining, we can create an almost resort-like feel for your pool.

Concrete was once utilitarian, boring and dull. Now, A-1 Quality Concrete can upgrade your Meridian, Idaho, home with a new pool surround, front deck or a new counter top; improving your home’s curb appeal and worth immensely.