Decorative concrete has made it much less expensive to create a very stylish looking pool deck that can really raise the value of your home.

Concrete pool decks can be made to replicate exotic and traditionally expensive materials such as slate, stone or even wood. The choices you have for designing a unique, functional, and affordable pool deck are IMMENSE.

We think coloring concrete is one of the best ways to dress up a pool deck, to give it more class and style. Coloring is usually done along with stamped or stenciled concrete, allowing us the ability to accurately replicate the colors and texture of the really high end materials. Coloring usually only adds a couple hundred dollars to the overall cost of your concrete, but makes it LOOK like a million bucks!

The many coloring methods available provide almost unlimited shades to choose from, which can be used alone, or we can layer or combine them to create a multi-tone effect.  This lets you to pick a hue that will best complement your home and yard décor already near your pool. 

Keep in mind that darker colors will absorb more heat from the sun and could make the concrete surface uncomfortable to walk on in bare feet. We would recommend you keep your pool deck cooler by staining or with a lighter shade, such as a beige. Don’t use deep brown or charcoal shades on your pool deck, unless you get minimal sun exposure. Exposed aggregate is a wonderful way to add safety to pool decks. The pebble-like finish is especially well-suited for pool deck surfaces because it's highly slip resistant. If you have an existing concrete pool deck and want to spruce it up or get rid of the boring old gray look, there is an easy option: cover it with a concrete overlay! These versatile resurfacing products add color, texture and slip resistance. Some overlays can also be stamped or stenciled, allowing us to create the same patterns as with newly placed concrete.