Your pattern options are nearly unlimited! From traditional materials such as brick, slate or flagstone, to novel patterns such as wood planking and nature-inspired botanical or wildlife motifs.

Custom Concrete Sidewalks

We can help you if you just want a nice, new, smooth, gray sidewalk that you won’t trip on anymore.

OR if you want to make your outside a little nicer than that, stamped concrete is the most popular decorative element for walkways. Colors and patterns for stamped concrete can be chosen to blend with your landscaping elements and yard décor around your home. You can also intermingle stamped concrete with other decorative concrete treatments, such as exposed aggregate finishes and staining.

Idahoans are often choosing to incorporate the exposed aggregate for their sidewalks. This colorful pebble-like finish looks very good, and it is highly slip-resistant. Exposing the aggregate in concrete allows us to achieve spectacular decorative effects at a reasonable cost. For more dramatic results, you can choose for us to enhance the colors and textures of the decorative aggregate by using stones in contrasting colors. Another way is to combine areas of smooth and exposed aggregate finishes.

Stamped Concrete Sidewalks

We can also make permanent patterns in your walkway by sawing or grooving into the surface, and then enhance it with color to create distinctive graphic effects.

Coloring is one of the easiest ways to beautify a sidewalk and give it more distinction. Coloring goes hand in hand with stamping concrete, allowing us to precisely replicate the hues of natural stone or any other material.

DECORATIVE CONCRETE MAINTENANCE: Cleaning by pressure wash periodically and keeping your concrete sealed with the right sealers are the 2 key components of any good maintenance program. How often you need to clean and reseal does depend on the conditions the concrete is exposed to.