Commercial concrete is used pretty much everywhere in a building, including the walls, floors, exterior walkways and pavements, and even the architecture. Commercial concrete has greater demands placed on it in terms of structural performance and durability.

A1 Concrete Specialties can meet commercial concrete floors and pavements requirement for a stronger concrete mix design and heavier reinforcement, including post-tensioned slab construction.We will give commercial floors the high-performance coatings that withstand massive foot traffic, scuffs, scratches and stains. Concrete floors are great because they are easy to maintain. They can also be made slip resistant to avoid injuries to staff and customers. For restaurants, we make our concrete floors able to repel spills and food stains.  

We love to do concrete floors in retail stores or restaurants with special decorative treatments that attract attention and help to create a certain atmosphere. The floor can be enhanced to reflect the theme of your restaurant or business. Epoxy terrazzo coating on the floors are a popular choice for retail  locations because of their durability and design versatility. The newest trend is metallic epoxies, which give concrete floors a dazzling metal-like sheen. High-gloss polished concrete floors are also popular due to their reflection of overhead lighting, which helps brighten indoor spaces.

Concrete parking lots are a solid investment for commercial locations because they are easier to maintain, have a longer life span, and can support heavier vehicle loads than asphalt. They also are lighter in color, aiding in reducing exterior lighting costs as well.

A recent trend in commercial buildings, like box stores and warehouses, is the use of tilt-up concrete walls. This method is being used more and more because of its efficiency, flexibility, and speed of construction. There is an almost endless variety of tilt-up panel shapes, colors, and decoration available. Finally, we can do decorative precast concrete, which we use to enhance the exteriors of commercial buildings,  as well as elements such as columns, wall panels, lintels and window sills.